An Email to General Craig McKinley at the National Guard

From: Tom Ubl

Sent: Friday, December 10, 2010 8:30 AM
To: 'General Craig McKinley'
Subject: The Mission

Dear Craig,

I am feeling sentimental and thought I would share.

Do you remember Judge Frank Battisti  Battisti was the judge that exonerated the guard for the killings at Kent State.  He is also the judge that exonerated my father.

My father was the 17th officer inducted into the original 10th Special Forces Group under the command of COL Aaron Banks, the founder of our Special Forces.  Dad was recruited from psyops and was known as “Little Napoleon” at Ft. Bragg, where he wrote the training book used until 15 years ago.

Dad, after receiving his JD, started a manpower training program.  His mission:  Help Vietnam Vets get jobs.  He formed a 13 company consortium in Cleveland, OH.  As a child I would visit the VA and watch my father reach out to doped up shells of humanity chewed up by the machine.   Those faces haunt me to this day.  A Today Show airing detailed my father’s work, which was so effective in placing the vets into meaningful, often executive level positions, that it was starting to cause concern at the VA hospitals because of lack of head count and the impacts to funding.
The program was about to go national.  Then a group of blacks within Ames at the Ohio Employment Bureau thought giving my father a quota of hiring 1 black for every 3 sent to him was a wise idea.  Dad said “send me your vets I will hire them all.”  It was not good enough, so they cried foul and bogus embezzlement charges were levied, when in fact it was monies obligated during the crossover of the CETA program to the JTPA under the new administration.
There were no speedy trial statutes and my father was destroyed by greed, corruption and jealousy.  However, Judge Battisti dismissed the case after 12 years calling it “a persecution and not a prosecution, this has been a complete miscarriage of justice.”  I have the same passion as my  father.  My Uncle was with the 187th in Korea.  Their kind were the real deal and as their legacy I am not going to stand idly by and watch a bunch of rogue guard rape  taxpayer dollars and more importantly deprive funding that could be going to your title 10’s (guardsmen deployed internationally).
Incidentally, I have no beef with retaining the equivalent of corporate memory in the form of seasoned guard who are separating from active duty status as retained in the contractor holding pools.  I do have a beef when a used car dealer who had no ambition past captain making references to “I have been handed a lollipop” is making unjust enrichment profits in excess of 60%, which could have been adjusted to reasonable levels resulting in many more placements.   Every USP&FO should have me implement a Share-In-Savings program to monitor and reduce overheads.  Your manpower availability would go through the roof.
So please excuse me while I cut out your cancers and hand you back a clean body.  We could have and should have done this with a spirit of cooperation.  I tried to reach out.  All those inside your cadre flipping now and lining up with me and all of the attention IIF is getting is simply bad ju ju and not good for the guard image. 


Tom Ubl, Whistleblower

Ubl v IIF Data Solutions, Inc.

Broken by it, I too may be; bow to it I never will.  the probability that we may fall in the struggle ought not deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just; it shall not deter me.  --Abraham Lincoln