IIF Data Solutions, Charles Patten, Fraud, Tax Evasion


          The following is the deposition of Sarah Patten as sworn under oath.  Sarah is the daughter of Charles R. Patten, Sr. and Deborah Patten.  Charles R. Patten, Sr., was a former National Guardsman and current owner of IIF Data Solutions, Inc. 

          Sarah was a naïve girl who in her innocence threw her father under the proverbial bus by detailing her father’s fraudulent activity.  Charles R. Patten, Sr., and Deborah Davis Patten knew no limits to their deviant behavior as they knowingly and willfully perverted their own daughter, and potentially other family members and friends, by having her perform criminal acts.


          The criminal acts consist of 401k fraud and tax evasion.  The IRS requires 401k’s to be deposited into with “earned income.”  By moving the gross revenue earnings from the bottom line into the fringe benefits accounting pool the Patten's gave the illusion that expenses associated with the fringe benefit of a 401k account had been incurred. 


          The 401k fraud and tax evasion becomes substantial when you consider the potential of $16,500 for each 401k, over 10 years with a number of family members and friends afforded the ability to “max out” their 401k’s with unearned income.  This does not account for the abuse of Self Employed Pensions (SEP’s), which has the same fundamental requirements of a 401k.  A significant difference with a SEP is the annual ceiling amount one can invest is $49,000.


                               UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT

                           FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF VIRGINIA

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                         Qui Tam Relator,          :


                   vs.                             : Civil Action No.:


                 IIF DATA SOLUTIONS, and           : 1:06cv64ILOG/TRJ

                 CHARLES PATTEN, SR.,             :


                         Defendants.               :


                 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -x

                                          Alexandria, Virginia

                                          Monday, September 10, 2007


                          The deposition of SARAH PATTEN, called for


                 examination by counsel for Qui Tam Relator in the


                 above-entitled matter, pursuant to Notice, in the


                 offices of DiMuro Ginsberg, 908 King Street,


                 Alexandria, Virginia, convened at 9:55 a.m., before


                 Cathy Jardim, a notary public in and for the


                 Commonwealth of Virginia, when were present on behalf


                 of the parties:



                    On behalf of the Qui Tam Relator:

                         STEPHEN J. STINE, ESQ.

                         DiMuro Ginsberg, PC

                         908 King Street

                          Alexandria, Virginia  22312

                         (703) 684-4333


                   On behalf of the Defendants:

                         JASON N. WORKMASTER, ESQ.

                         TODD J. CANNI, ESQ.

                          McKenna Long & Aldridge, LLP

                         1900 K Street, N.W.

                          Washington, D.C.  20006

                         (202) 496-7422



                                    C O N T E N T S

                                          EXAMINATION BY COUNSEL FOR

                 WITNESS               QUI TAM RELATOR     DEFENDANTS


                 SARAH PATTEN                 4                   --


                                    E X H I B I T S


                 S. Patten Deposition Exhibits             MARKED


                 No. 1                                          14


                 No. 2                                          16


                 No. 3                                          17


                 No. 4                                          18


                 No. 5                                          19


                 No. 6                                          20


                 No. 7                                          23




             1                   P R O C E E D I N G S


             2     Whereupon,


             3                       SARAH PATTEN


             4   was called for examination by counsel for Qui Tam


             5   Relator and, having been first duly sworn by the


             6   notary public, was examined and testified as follows:




             8            BY MR. STINE:


             9       Q.   Could you please state your name for the


            10   record?


            11       A.   Sarah Patten.


            12       Q.   What is your current employment situation?


            13       A.   I work for IIF Data Solutions.


            14       Q.   How long have you worked there?


            15       A.   Two years steadily right now.  A few more on


            16   and off.


            17       Q.   So you have been there approximately two


            18   years from today's date?


            19       A.   Yes.


            20       Q.   And what were the time periods before that


            21   that you worked for the company?


            22       A.   In the summer of 2002.



             1       Q.   Any other timeframe?


             2       A.   2005 until now.


             3       Q.   I apologize.  I was going to go over some


             4   opening deposition instructions.  Have you ever been


             5   deposed before?


             6       A.   No.


             7       Q.   Just so you know, kind of as we discussed


             8   before, your attorneys may actually make some


             9   objections.  That doesn't mean you don't answer the


            10   question.  You continue to answer unless they


            11   instruct you otherwise.


            12            Are you under any type of medication --


            13       A.   No.


            14       Q.   -- that would affect your ability to


            15   testify?


            16       A.   No.


            17       Q.   What is your current responsibilities with


            18   the company?


            19       A.   I do payroll.


            20       Q.   Is that entirely your responsibility?


            21       A.   Yes.


            22       Q.   Do you work with any other individuals doing




             1   payroll?


             2       A.   I am training someone now, yes, but up to


             3   now it has been just be, and I work with Kim Trimble


             4   a little bit.


             5       Q.   Who is your supervisor?


             6       A.   Kim Trimble.


             7       Q.   What did you do in the summer of 2002?


             8       A.   I was a receptionist.


             9       Q.   Who was your supervisor at that time?


            10       A.   At that time, Kim Trimble as well.


            11       Q.   Are you aware of who the officers were in


            12   the company when you were hired in 2002?


            13       A.   No.


            14       Q.   Do you know your father's position in the


            15   company at that time?


            16       A.   Vice president.


            17       Q.   Do you know who -- what was your mother's


            18   role in the company, if you know?


            19       A.   She was president.


            20       Q.   Do your mother and father still hold the


            21   same relationship, to your knowledge?


            22       A.   Yes.



             1       Q.   They still hold the same positions in the


             2   company.


             3            Do you know of an individual named Maury


             4   Mayfield?


             5       A.   I have heard of him.


             6       Q.   Have you met him?


             7       A.   No.


             8       Q.   Do you know what his role is, if any, in


             9   IIF?


            10       A.   No.


            11       Q.   These questions I am going to ask you for


            12   now are strictly related to your time in the summer


            13   of 2002, that timeframe.  You were a receptionist


            14   there.  Describe your daily activity.


            15       A.   Anything that anybody may need help with,


            16   faxing, making copies, sending out mail, answering


            17   phones.


            18       Q.   Who did you interact with on a daily basis


            19   in the office as far as employees?


            20       A.   Anybody who walked in the front, to say hi.


            21       Q.   Do you know who are the sales -- who were in


            22   the sales department at IIF in 2002?


             1       A.   No.


             2       Q.   Do you know who wrote proposals or requests


             3   for proposals?


             4       A.   No.


             5       Q.   Do you know who took sales calls?


             6       A.   No.


             7       Q.   Do you know who undertakes any of those


             8   activities now?


             9       A.   No.


            10       Q.   Do you know of anyone who created marketing


            11   materials in the summer of 2002?


            12       A.   No.


            13       Q.   Do you know of anyone who hired or reviewed


            14   for business development?


            15       A.   No.


            16       Q.   Are you aware of a publication called the


            17   Federal Business Opportunity?


            18       A.   No.


            19       Q.   Do you know of anyone in the summer of 2002


            20   who recruited employees for team positions?


            21       A.   No.


            22       Q.   Did you have any HR, human resources,



             1   responsibility in the summer of 2002?


             2       A.   No.


             3       Q.   Are you familiar with what contracts IIF was


             4   performing in the summer of 2002?


             5       A.   No.


             6       Q.   Are you familiar with the term labor


             7   categories?


             8       A.   No.


             9       Q.   If I tell you -- does the -- have you ever


            10   heard of the contract, the IT schedule contract,


            11   information technology schedule contract?


            12       A.   No.


            13       Q.   Were you aware that the company in 2002 had


            14   contracts with the GSA, the General Services


            15   Administration?


            16       A.   Yes.


            17       Q.   Did you have any interaction with any GSA


            18   officials?


            19       A.   No.


            20       Q.   Do you know what labor category you were


            21   classified in the summer of 2002?


            22       A.   No.



             1       Q.   Do you know a labor category in which you


             2   are classified presently?


             3       A.   I am not sure about labor category.  I was


             4   in payroll.


             5            MR. CANNI:  I would object to that, Stephen.


             6   You should clarify if she even knows what labor


             7   category means, if she is under a labor category.


             8            MR. STINE:  I think I asked that earlier and


             9   she said she didn't know.  I was just trying to probe


            10   further.


            11            MR. CANNI:  I think her response was how she


            12   would describe her position she holds.  I don't know


            13   if she understands the difference.


            14            BY MR. STINE:


            15       Q.   Just to clarify for the record, do you


            16   understand what a labor category is?


            17       A.   No.


            18       Q.   Are you presently in college or getting some


            19   type of other higher education?


            20       A.   No.


            21       Q.   Were you in the summer of 2002?


            22       A.   Yes.



             1       Q.   Where did you attend -- was it college?


             2       A.   Yes, Northern Virginia Community College,


             3   and New River Community College.


             4       Q.   North Virginia and what was the other one?


             5       A.   New River.


             6       Q.   Is New River also a Virginia college?


             7       A.   Yes.


             8       Q.   New River Community College?


             9       A.   Yes.


            10       Q.   What were the dates that you attended


            11   college there at those two locations -- let's just


            12   start with Northern Virginia Community College.  When


            13   did you attend there?


            14       A.   Fall 2001.  Didn't go there in 2002.  That


            15   is when I went to New River, and New River was August


            16   2002.


            17       Q.   So you attended Northern Virginia Community


            18   College for the fall semester?


            19       A.   In 2001.


            20       Q.   And the spring semester, did you attend


            21   there?


            22       A.   No.



             1       Q.   And then you started at New River Community


             2   College in August 2002?


             3       A.   Right.


             4       Q.   How long did you continue to go there?


             5       A.   I was there for three years.


             6       Q.   Have you attained a degree?


             7       A.   No.


             8       Q.   During your time in the summer of 2002, were


             9   you familiar with what type of task order you were


            10   performing under?


            11       A.   No.


            12            MR. WORKMASTER:  Objection.  Are you


            13   assuming she is working under a task order?


            14            BY MR. STINE:


            15       Q.   First question is do you understand what a


            16   task order is?


            17       A.   No.


            18       Q.   How did you keep track of the hours for


            19   which you were working in the summer of 2002?


            20       A.   Time cards.


            21       Q.   Who would you submit those time cards to?


            22       A.   Kim Trimble.



             1       Q.   What about presently, how do you keep track


             2   of your hours?


             3       A.   Time cards as well.


             4       Q.   And who do you submit those to?


             5       A.   To Cindy Thomas.


             6       Q.   Is there anyone else who would have approved


             7   time cards?


             8       A.   Kim Trimble.  She approves them and they go


             9   on to Cindy.


            10       Q.   Would your mother have ever approved time


            11   cards for you?


            12       A.   No.


            13       Q.   What documents have you reviewed in


            14   preparation for this deposition, if any?


            15            MR. CANNI:  I would object here to the


            16   extent that it calls for materials protected by the


            17   attorney-client work-product privilege.


            18            In terms of your response, it would be


            19   limited to any documents that I haven't shown you or


            20   that Jason hasn't shown you.


            21            THE WITNESS:  None.


            22            BY MR. STINE:



             1       Q.   Have you ever reviewed the amended


             2   complaint?


             3       A.   No.


             4       Q.   Or any complaint in this case?


             5       A.   No.


             6       Q.   Now, you mentioned you began work in the


             7   summer of 2002, for the first time, for IIF?


             8       A.   Yes.


             9       Q.   Do you know precisely what month that began,


            10   that work began?


            11       A.   July, the end of July.


            12       Q.   2002?


            13       A.   Yes.


            14                      (S. Patten Exhibit No. 1


            15                      was marked for identification.)


            16            BY MR. STINE:


            17       Q.   Have you ever seen this document before?


            18       A.   No.


            19       Q.   Could you find your name on this document?


            20   It is in alphabetical order, it should be 23.


            21       A.   Okay.


            22       Q.   Can you go across the column to where it




             1   says start?


             2       A.   Yes.


             3       Q.   What is the date on there?


             4       A.   7/10/2001.


             5       Q.   Why does this document say that you began


             6   for work for the company in 2001?


             7       A.   My father put us on payroll to max out my


             8   401(k).


             9       Q.   Did you have any conversations with your


            10   father about doing this?


            11       A.   No.


            12       Q.   How were you aware that he was doing this?


            13       A.   At the time I was not aware he was doing it.


            14       Q.   Do you know how your hours in the summer of


            15   2002 were billed to the government?


            16       A.   No.


            17       Q.   Do you know what category, how they were


            18   classified --


            19            MR. WORKMASTER:  Objection.  Your question


            20   assumes they were billed to the government.  I don't


            21   know that she stated that she knows they were.


            22            BY MR. STINE:



             1       Q.   Do you know how they were billed?


             2       A.   No.


             3       Q.   Are you familiar with overhead?


             4       A.   Yes.


             5       Q.   Do you know whether your hours were


             6   classified as overhead?


             7       A.   I believe they were.


             8       Q.   What is your understanding of overhead?


             9       A.   It is money that -- IIF money, for corporate


            10   overhead they can do.  I guess it is money that is


            11   theirs.


            12            MR. STINE:  Can you mark this as Exhibit 2?


            13                      (S. Patten Exhibit No. 2


            14                      was marked for identification.)


            15            BY MR. STINE:


            16       Q.   Have you seen this document before?


            17       A.   No.


            18       Q.   Who approved this document?


            19       A.   My mother.


            20       Q.   Wasn't Kim Trimble supposed to approve these


            21   documents, your time sheets?


            22       A.   I am not sure.



             1       Q.   What is the date of this pay period?


             2       A.   September 1 through September 15, 2001.


             3       Q.   What work were you performing for the


             4   company during this time?


             5       A.   I wasn't.


             6       Q.   What are the total hours on this time sheet?


             7       A.   Forty-two.


             8       Q.   Do you have an understanding of why you had


             9   a time sheet during this time period?


            10       A.   No.


            11            MR. STINE:  Can you mark this as Exhibit No.


            12   3.


            13                      (S. Patten Exhibit No. 3


            14                      was marked for identification.)


            15            BY MR. STINE:


            16       Q.   Could you identify this document?


            17       A.   It is a time card.


            18       Q.   Who approved it?


            19       A.   My mother.


            20       Q.   Is this a time card for your services?


            21       A.   Yes.


            22       Q.   What is the pay period date?



             1       A.   October 16 through 31, 2001.


             2       Q.   Did you work for IIF during this timeframe?


             3       A.   No.


             4       Q.   How many hours were submitted for you on


             5   this time card?


             6       A.   Ninety-six.


             7       Q.   Did you perform any of the hours?


             8       A.   No.


             9       Q.   Do you know why the hours are listed as


            10   overhead?


            11       A.   To max out the 401(k).


            12            MR. STINE:  Exhibit 4.


            13                      (S. Patten Exhibit No. 4


            14                      was marked for identification.)


            15            BY MR. STINE:


            16       Q.   Could you identify this document?


            17       A.   Time card.


            18       Q.   For whom?


            19       A.   For me.


            20       Q.   What is the pay period dates?


            21       A.   November 1 through 15, 2001.


            22       Q.   How many total hours are shown on this time




             1   card?


             2       A.   Eighty-eight.


             3       Q.   Did you perform any of the hours listed on


             4   this time card?


             5       A.   No.


             6            MR. STINE:  Exhibit 5.


             7                      (S. Patten Exhibit No. 5


             8                      was marked for identification.)


             9            BY MR. STINE:


            10       Q.   Can you identify this document, please?


            11       A.   It is a time card.


            12       Q.   Whose time card is it?


            13       A.   Mine.


            14       Q.   What are the dates of the pay period for


            15   this time card?


            16       A.   November 16 through 30, 2001.


            17       Q.   And if you can read it, what is the total


            18   hours for this pay period?


            19       A.   Eighty-eight.


            20       Q.   And did you perform any of the work


            21   listed -- the hours listed in this time card?


            22       A.   No.



             1            MR. CANNI:  Steve, for purposes of time, I


             2   am willing to stipulate that her answers would be the


             3   same --


             4            MR. STINE:  I have one more.


             5                      (S. Patten Exhibit No. 6


             6                      was marked for identification.)


             7            BY MR. STINE:


             8       Q.   Could you identify this document?


             9       A.   Did you say my name?


            10       Q.   Can you identify the document?


            11       A.   It is a time card.


            12       Q.   Whose time card is it?


            13       A.   Mine.


            14       Q.   What are the dates?


            15       A.   December 1 through December 15, 2001.


            16       Q.   How many hours are listed, total hours


            17   listed?


            18       A.   Eighty.


            19       Q.   Did you work any of the hours that are


            20   listed for this time card?


            21       A.   No.


            22       Q.   Do you know who has ownership interest in



             1   IIF?


             2       A.   No.


             3       Q.   Do you know whether your father and mother


             4   have ownership interest?


             5       A.   I am not sure what that means, ownership


             6   interest.


             7       Q.   The percentage of the company that they own,


             8   if any, do you have any awareness of that?


             9       A.   I am not sure.


            10       Q.   What was your mother's role, if any, at IIF


            11   during the summer of 2002?


            12       A.   She was the president.


            13       Q.   How often was she at corporate


            14   headquarters -- how often was she in corporate


            15   headquarters during that time?


            16       A.   When I was there?  Never.


            17       Q.   What type of work would she perform for IIF


            18   during that period of time, if any?


            19       A.   I am not sure.


            20       Q.   What type of work does she currently perform


            21   for the company, if any?


            22       A.   I am not sure.



             1       Q.   Is your mother there on a daily basis while


             2   you are at the office?


             3       A.   No.


             4       Q.   Do you have any communications with your


             5   mother related to IIF business?


             6       A.   No.


             7       Q.   Did you know Mr. Tom Ubl during your time


             8   with IIF?


             9       A.   Yes.


            10       Q.   How did you know him?


            11       A.   I worked there for a short time while he was


            12   in the office.


            13       Q.   Did you have any interaction with him?


            14       A.   Just casual, good morning, how was your


            15   weekend? talk.


            16       Q.   Did you have any idea what his position was


            17   in the company?


            18       A.   No.


            19       Q.   Or his job responsibilities in the company?


            20       A.   No.


            21       Q.   Are you currently in school as well?


            22       A.   No.



             1       Q.   Are you working for IIF full-time?


             2       A.   Yes.


             3       Q.   Do you have any other businesses or side


             4   business or other jobs that you work?


             5       A.   No.


             6       Q.   What about in the summer of 2002?


             7       A.   Yes, in the summer I worked as a nanny.


             8       Q.   Who did you nanny for?


             9       A.   Kim Trimble.


            10            MR. STINE:  This is three copies of the same


            11   exhibit.


            12                      (S. Patten Exhibit No. 7


            13                      was marked for identification.)


            14            BY MR. STINE:


            15       Q.   Can you identify this document?


            16       A.   It is an application for employment.


            17       Q.   Have you seen it before?


            18       A.   When I filled it out.


            19       Q.   And when did you fill this application out?


            20       A.   May 28, 2003.


            21       Q.   If I could direct you to the third page of


            22   this document.  If you look at the top portion of the



             1   document, appears to be some directions.  What do


             2   those directions ask you to do?


             3       A.   Please provide information on your last


             4   three employers, listing most-current position first.


             5       Q.   Why did you not list your prior employment


             6   with IIF?


             7       A.   I don't know.


             8       Q.   Did anyone instruct you not to list that


             9   employment?


            10       A.   No.


            11       Q.   Did anyone help you in filling out this


            12   application?


            13       A.   No.


            14       Q.   Was this application -- was this an


            15   application you filled out in conjunction with your


            16   current job as a receptionist?


            17       A.   I am sorry.


            18       Q.   Is this the application for which you


            19   received your current job as a receptionist?


            20            MR. CANNI:  Objection.  That is confusing.


            21            BY MR. STINE:


            22       Q.   You filled this application out in May of


             1   2003?


             2       A.   Yes.


             3       Q.   Did you receive a job based upon this


             4   application?


             5       A.   No.


             6       Q.   When were you hired for the job that you are


             7   currently working?


             8       A.   Currently, today?


             9       Q.   Yes.


            10       A.   2005.


            11       Q.   Why were you not hired at this time, in


            12   2003, when you filled out this application?


            13       A.   I don't know.


            14            MR. CANNI:  Objection.  I think you are


            15   assuming she wasn't hired at that time.


            16            MR. STINE:  She just explained she wasn't.


            17            MR. CANNI:  Her answer was she wasn't hired


            18   for her current position at that time.


            19            BY MR. STINE:


            20       Q.   Were you hired based upon this application


            21   in May 2003?


            22            MR. CANNI:  Objection again.  I think you


              1   are having some problems with the date of this.  I


             2   think you should ask her about that.


             3            BY MR. STINE:


             4       Q.   In May 2003, were you hired based upon this


             5   application by IIF?


             6       A.   No.


             7       Q.   Were you ever hired into IIF prior to 2005,


             8   not including the summer of 2002?


             9       A.   No.


            10       Q.   Do you know why you were not hired in May of


            11   2003, based upon this application?


            12       A.   No.


            13       Q.   Now, on page 3, you list Kim Trimble as a


            14   current employee.  How long had you been a nanny for


            15   Kim Trimble?


            16            MR. WORKMASTER:  Objection.  I don't believe


            17   that is necessarily showing she is listing Kim


            18   Trimble as her current employer.


            19            BY MR. STINE:


            20       Q.   Was Kim Trimble your employee at the time


            21   you filled out this application -- employer, in 2003?


            22       A.   No.


             1       Q.   When was the last time you had worked for


             2   Kim Trimble as her nanny?


             3       A.   July 2002.


             4       Q.   To the best of your recollection, give me


             5   the entire time period for which you worked for Kim


             6   Trimble as her nanny?


             7       A.   February to July 2002.


             8       Q.   Were you working for Kim Trimble full-time


             9   in that timeframe, February to July 2002?


            10       A.   Three days a week.


            11       Q.   What days of the week were there?


            12       A.   Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I assume, but


            13   they varied.


            14       Q.   How many hours would you put in per day


            15   usually?


            16       A.   Eight.


            17       Q.   Were you working in any other type of


            18   capacity during that timeframe?


            19       A.   No.


            20       Q.   When did you conclude nannying for her, was


            21   it beginning of July 2002, middle, end?


            22       A.   Beginning, middle of July.



             1       Q.   When did you start -- what month did you


             2   start employment with IIF in the summer of 2002?


             3       A.   July.


             4       Q.   Did your job with IIF and your job nannying


             5   overlap?


             6       A.   No.


             7       Q.   In the timeframe February 2002 through July


             8   2002, were there any months that you weren't nannying


             9   or any significant time period that you did not nanny


            10   for Kim Trimble?


            11            MR. CANNI:  Objection to form.


            12            If you understand the question, you can


            13   answer it, but I didn't understand the question.


            14            BY MR. STINE:


            15       Q.   I am simply asking, in that timeframe,


            16   February to July 2002, was there any point where you


            17   stopped nannying for a certain period of time?


            18       A.   No.


            19       Q.   To the best of your recollection, did you


            20   nanny in the April 2002 timeframe for Kim Trimble?


            21       A.   Yes.


            22       Q.   Including the period between April 1 and


             1   April 15 of 2002?


             2       A.   Yes.


             3       Q.   Do you have any relationship with Kim


             4   Trimble outside of work?


             5       A.   Being her nanny and a friend, yes.


             6       Q.   When did you first meet her?


             7       A.   2001.


             8       Q.   Was she working for IIF at that time?


             9       A.   I don't recall.


            10       Q.   How did you come to meet her?


            11       A.   I don't remember -- when she interviewed,


            12   when the business was in my house.


            13       Q.   Did anyone at IIF ever ask you or inform you


            14   that your babysitting hours, your nannying hours,


            15   would be charged to any contract that they had with


            16   the government?


            17       A.   No.


            18       Q.   Have you ever reported hours on your time


            19   sheets that you did not work?


            20       A.   No.


            21       Q.   What about the hours I showed you in


            22   Exhibits 3 through 6, did you work any of those


              1   hours?


             2       A.   No.


             3       Q.   Do you have any awareness of any commercial


             4   business that IIF performed in 2000 -- summer of


             5   2002?


             6       A.   No.


             7            MR. WORKMASTER:  Objection.  I don't think


             8   she knows what a commercial business is.


             9            BY MR. STINE:


            10       Q.   Do you understand what a commercial business


            11   is?


            12       A.   No.


            13       Q.   Are you aware of any extramarital


            14   relationship that your father has with Kim Trimble?


            15            MR. CANNI:  Objection.  I think this


            16   question has no other purpose than to embarrass and


            17   harass the witness.


            18            BY MR. STINE:


            19       Q.   You can answer.


            20       A.   No.


            21       Q.   Are you familiar with any of your


            22   father's -- are you familiar -- does your father have



             1   any other business interests that you are aware of?


             2       A.   I am sorry.


             3       Q.   Besides IIF, does your father have any other


             4   businesses?


             5       A.   Yes.


             6       Q.   What businesses does he have?


             7       A.   AutoHouse Web.


             8       Q.   What is AutoHouse web?


             9       A.   Like a car dealership.


            10       Q.   Where is AutoHouse located?


            11       A.   In Manassas.


            12       Q.   Are there any other locations that you are


            13   aware of?


            14       A.   No.


            15       Q.   What type of vehicles are sold there?


            16       A.   Any kind you want.


            17       Q.   What is your father's position in that


            18   company?


            19       A.   I am not sure.


            20       Q.   Are you aware of any ownership interest he


            21   has in the company?


            22       A.   I don't know.



             1       Q.   Do you know who else -- who his other


             2   associates or colleagues are in the company?


             3       A.   Yes.


             4       Q.   Who is that?


             5       A.   James Hess and Mike Squire.


             6       Q.   James Hess and Mike --


             7       A.   Squire.


             8       Q.   S-Q-U-I-R-E?


             9       A.   I am not sure.


            10       Q.   Does AutoHouse Web have any online business


            11   that you are aware of?


            12       A.   They have a Web site.


            13       Q.   Have you ever -- does your father attend car


            14   auctions at times to buy or purchase vehicles?


            15       A.   Yes.


            16       Q.   Have you ever attended any car auctions with


            17   him for the purpose of purchasing inventory?


            18       A.   No.


            19       Q.   Do you know where these car auctions are


            20   located, where they take place?


            21       A.   Manheim.


            22       Q.   Any other locations that you are aware of?



             1       A.   No.


             2       Q.   Have you ever assisted your father in


             3   transporting purchased cars from car auctions?


             4       A.   No.


             5            MR. STINE:  I have no further questions.  Do


             6   you?


             7            MR. CANNI:  No.  We will review the


             8   transcript, and if she has any edits, we will get


             9   back to you.


            10            (Whereupon, at 10:33 a.m., the taking of the


            11   deposition was concluded.)


            12            (Signature not waived.)


                              CERTIFICATE OF NOTARY PUBLIC

                    I, CATHY JARDIM, the officer before whom the

                 foregoing deposition was taken, do hereby testify

                 that the witness whose testimony appears in the

                 foregoing deposition was duly sworn by me;  that the

                 testimony of said witness was taken by me

                 stenographically and thereafter reduced to a

                 transcript under my direction; that said deposition

                 is a true record of the testimony given by the

                 witness; that I am neither counsel for, nor related

                 to, nor employed by any of the parties to the action

                 in which this deposition was taken; and further, that

                 I am not a relative or employee of any attorney or

                 counsel employed by the parties hereto nor

                 financially or otherwise interested in the outcome of

                 the action.



                                               Cathy Jardim


                 Notary Public in and for the

                 Commonwealth of Virginia


                 My commission expires:

                 July 31, 2010